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NOTICE: Thanks to the pandemic and the inevitable march of time, I have decided to semi-officially close Sourcelight Photography and retire from formal business activities. I fully expect to be shooting photography as a private enthusiast, however, until I'm no longer able to lift a camera, so...

I do still enjoy TF collaborations with models who are responsible, creative, and enthusiastic about the work. If you're looking to build your portfolio with high-quality and unusually creative photos, give me a call and we'll talk. No charge for my services for you as long as you're willing to pose for an art project for me.

New blog website coming soon: http://americanballad.blog

Bruce Jones



26 Feb 18 14:02
Hey I do totally still want to work with you guys! Once I can figure out a way to get to your place it’s on for sure ;)
03 Jan 17 16:15
Nice Photos :)
09 Oct 16 08:32
HI Bruce :) thanks for the tag! I was in Utah for a long time, but I'm in Idaho right now just for a little bit. I've been thinking about moving back to Salt Lake though.
09 Nov 15 08:20
Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately I'm not in your neighborhood :-(
09 Dec 14 12:06
Thank you. Will sure let you know! If I'm ever in your town. Stay well :)
18 Nov 14 05:28
Thanks for the nice tag and yes would love to work with you
27 Sep 14 14:57
Thank you for stopping by and sweet compliment. You have a stunning portfolio!!! Let me know if you do any traveling! Brenda
21 Jan 14 18:21
Amazing port!
30 Sep 13 02:14
Thanks for the friendship. I read your tag...how cool!
29 Sep 13 04:43
Hey Bruce, I enjoyed touring your port. Now I'm off to Wendy's to find a couple new Models!
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