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Basically we can make your images and projects turn-heads at a price to fit every budget. Our samples are available on request from High-End Fashion to Fantasy Manipulations. Think of us as your post-production specialists.

Firstly, we don't over-touch like others, we keep the integrity of the shot while still enhancing it. Our pricing is set low to ensure we get your business in volumes. Instead of one style of retouching or editing, we have many different finishes and looks, making us a pretty damn good choice for versatility! And we have fast turnarounds....VERY FAST!

Let's be simple here....ONE-STOP PHOTOSHOP (it's in the name lol)....we do everything from basic touch-ups to graphic design, manipulations to website design...anything you can imagine, we can find a way to make it happen. However we are specialists in skin, colour and tone retouching.

We have our own styles and techniques that we use. We can smooth out the skin entirely to give it the porcelain Barbie doll look (NOTE: We don't use any Blur tools in any of our edits) OR maintain the pore patterns to give it the NY City High-Fashion look. We are very versatile and have many different looks and feels in our finished products. We specialize in 'Flawless-Skin' touch-ups, but not limited to any particular style or look. Also specialists in Pin-up, High-End Fashion, HDR editing and Digital Painting Art (the cartoon look that every retoucher is trying to copy lol). Finally...we are FAST!


*Basic Touch-up Rates (Basic blemish removal, colour correction, skin & tone fixes) = $10-20USD/image, discounts on orders over 10 images.

*Full Image Touch-up & Headshot Rates (Basic Touch-up plus tattoo and piercing removals, breast enlargment, body shaping, stray hair fixes, eye & teeth brighten & background clean-up) = $20-$30USD/image (depending on complexity) discounts on orders over 10 images.

*Creative Edits & Graphic Design including Full Image Touch-up (Digital Portraits, Make-up Airbrushing, Tattoos, Background changes, Manipulations, HDR Editing, Lighting effects & creative alterations) = From $50-$90USD/HOUR/IMAGE (email image for a quote).

*Website Design (HTML & FLASH) = Contact us with your project concept for a quote.

*12 Hour Deadline Sensitive & Premium = $15USD/image.

*CD-ROM Delivery Add-on $20/disc plus shipping costs.

Due to dishonesty in the past, we collect the full payment prior to project commencement. We are paid for our time... we will do what we say we will do in a timely manner. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO REFUNDS.

If you are not the copyright holder for the image(s), please get WRITTEN PERMISSION from the copyright holder before approaching us for edits. We are happy to edit your images, however not to the point where we get a threatening emails from other parties. It is your responsibility to get the WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION from them.

Images to be sent in original shoot size to:
ospphotoshop@gmail.com, if the file is large please use WeTransfer as we don't use or trust FTP servers and connections. All edited images are returned web/portfolio size unless otherwise stated PRIOR to editing. Once edited, there is a $10USD/image charge to have them redone for larger size such as print. Please make sure we are aware when images are submitted to avoid additional costs.

We are not magicians or wizard's as many may make you believe, we don't wave a magic wand and presto your image is amazing. We take a well shot image with correct lighting and use of a good MUA, and enhance the qualities of the image....that's what we do. Anyone that tells you that they can transform every image or series 100% of the time into masterpieces, is either lying, or high...or both. No two images are ever the same, therefore results will always vary. For the best image results, send us print standard high resolution 300dpi+ in RAW or TIFF Format. JPEG is a compressed image format, therefore the quality is not going to be the best. We cannot guarantee the quality of the post-edit if you send a lower quality image or if the image wasn't shot correctly. We have a high standard when it comes to our edits, to ensure you get the highest quality, the original image has to be of a high quality to start with. Be sure to include detailed instructions for the editing, that way we are all on the same page and gets the job done quicker. Please don't take this the wrong way but I DO NOT teach or give tutorials/seminars in Photoshop as I honestly don't have the time or resources, however I will gladly point you in the right direction if you have a specific editing/retouching question.

I am a happily married man, this is my career, this is how I pay my bills, this is how I feed my family, this is how I keep the roof over their heads, therefore I don't work for free as I wouldn't expect you to either = NO TF*, I have paid my dues.



Jose Envy - Photographer
'One-Stop PhotoShop did amazing work was fast, easy, and on task. There was absolutely no bull shit. The work that I got back was great. I recommend them!'
NOTE: I also got him 'Picture of the Day' on June 5th 2009....
'I have been trying to win forever! I always get third and like you finally got my picture to win! I will use you again i love you!'

Zuri Photography - Photographer
'I sent One-Stop PhotoShop photos from a project that went totally wrong: backup camera, one light quits, you name it. He took stuff I was ready to toss out and made me look like a master photographer. Thanks, I will continue to use your service'

Lexy Lee - Model
'One-Stop Photoshop was friendly, fast and fabulous!! I loved every single image he re touched. I was very impressed with how fast I got the images back and what a huge difference the editing made to my images. I would highly reccomend One-Stop PhotoShop to anyone wanting quality retouching.'

Elite Glamour - Makeup Artist
'Hey John, Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the amazing images you gave me, Your are truely amazing and talented, I am always going to return to you to retouch my photos. Thanks so much.'

Doin What I Do (Jessica) - Model
'Ladies, I highly recommend this retoucher. He turns ordinary things into MAGIC. Fast, professional service and very thorough!!'

Ashley-Wray Powell - Model
'John Of One-Stop Photoshop Does A Wonderful Job With Any Type Of Image. No Matter The Original Quality He Can Work Wonders And Make An Image Come To Life And Sparkle While Keeping The Integrity Of The Photo In Tact. Thanks So Very Much. Your Biggest Fan Ashley-Wray'

Pamela Ann Jones - Model
'One-stop Photoshop is a top notch retoucher. He is professional, sharp, and quite fast. He has made some amazing edits for me.. I look forward to working with him in the future. He rocks!!'

Luscious Lauren - Model
'I have never been a fan of edited work but when John offered to edit one of my headshots I thought I would give it a try for fun. That one picture turned into over a dozen pictures that I absolutly fell in love with. I would recommend him to associates and will continue to use him. Best of luck John!'

Rodney Ladson - Photographer
'One-Stop PhotoShop delivers high quality retouching with a fast turnaround. John gave me the look I was looking for. The process worked well from the payment, uploading and downloading. My clients were very pleased with the photo's.
I highly recommend One-Stop PhotoShop for retouching.'

Hogarth Photography - Photographer
'What a great service!! Fast, friendly and easy to work with. I gave him some files and in no time they were back in my email. Very professional and I will be a definite repeat customer. thanks again.'

Eastwick - Model
'John did an amazing job on the images I sent for retouching. He took my raw images and brought them to a new level, making my skin look like it had been painted by a professional make up artist, and adding a new depth to the work. I was very happy with the results, and he delivered the images lightning fast! Thank you!'

Marcus & Swanson Associates - Advertising Agency
'We started using John and One-Stop Photoshop for retouching about 4 years ago for one of our major clients, the client loved his work so much, they won't work with anyone else....and neither will we. He is fast, precise and probably one of the best commercial retouchers in the industry today.'

Images by Robert - Photographer
'Excellent work....2nd to none!!!...I'm sending more work your way!!!'

Natasha Bombshell - Model
'John is definitely one of the most talented photoshop pros that you will find in this industry. Out of the thousands of photoshop "pros" i have come across, i have never seen somone who has an eye like John, and the raw talent of his work isn't only flawless in every aspect but very unique and eye drawing. Intriguing if you want your pic to have that sex appeal and a memorable touch-up to it, you cant go wrong with John!'

Skyla Hines - Model
'One-Stop Photoshop is very professional and everything was done quick, with a wonderful turn out. I will be definetly be using him again in the near future.'

Natalie India Balmain - Model
'John's produces retouched images of the highest quality, offering a basic or full body service (I went for the full body, thanks John!) and his work is second to none; accurate, realistic and fast- I received my image back the next day!'

Crystal Blis - Model
'John, you are such an incredible re toucher/editor.... The work you put out is phenomenal.. Your work ethic is unmatched, and your turn around on your work is incredibly quick.. I love "ALL" the work you have done for me thus far, and look forward for many many more "wow" images done by you! Thanks so much!!!'

Sophie McCormack - Model
'Just want to say John is very good at retouching/editing.... he has a different style of re-touching which i really like! I LOVE all the pics you have re-touched for me, they were ALL done perfect and really quickly! Big thank you..'

File Devine - Advertising Agency
'One-Stop Photoshop's work is unique and eye-catching, that's why we never hesitate to bring in their expertise for any of our clients. They generate amazing pieces that all our clients love. We have worked with many image editors, now we only work with one, One-Stop Photoshop.'

FRANK aka HOT SAUCE - Photographer
'I just wanted to thank you for all the great work you've done for me. you've taken my pics to the next level. I will def be sending more work your way!'


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You are the bomb!
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Truly awesome work
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