About Me

My name is Tim Kerr. I have been retouching, professionally, for 5 years. My skills are self-taught and I love this work. Feel free to contact me for my services. I always try to work within your budget. I work until finished and I am not satisfied until you are. I prefer Raw files, but high-resolution Jpgs, Jp2 and Tiffs are also acceptable. ( I have been known to work on a few lo-res jpegs from time to time. )

P.S. All manipulations you see in my portfolio (stomach slimming, breast/lip enlarging, etc) is by request. I don't do any body shifts unless stated in your instructions to me.


Rates Per Image:

Basic Retouch $5.00
Color correction
Tonal adjustments
Blemish removals
Body shifts and corrections

Regular Retouch $8.00
Basic Retouching, plus
Body and skin enhancement, skin softening and detail sharpening
Major body shifts and retouching.
Simple background changes

Manipulations $15.00
Regular Retouching, plus
Image manipulations
Compositing multiple images
Special effects (smoke, rain, fire, wings, fangs, etc.)

Bulk rates available