About Me

Photographer living in SE-Asia, Always looking for new models to expand my portfolio and test new ideas. Let me know if you would like to cooperate.





04 Dec 13 23:12
Hey Tom! I did not not know that you have an istudio account. Thank you for the add.
10 Aug 12 14:39
u're welcome Tom :) thanks for adding.
22 Jul 12 01:53
Hi! Thanks for FR! I would love to work with you!! Hope have chance! Tnx..
21 Jan 12 21:22
Thanks for the FR, have a nice sunday x
19 Apr 11 10:58
Hi there! tnx for the add. I've just recently used this account so i'm very sorry for the late approval. :)
08 Dec 10 10:22
thank you for adding adik...
09 Jul 10 23:32
yor welcome, hope to work with you soon:D
03 Jul 10 02:51
Tom thank you for the pic comment and the friend request.
26 Jun 10 10:50
hi thanks for your comment and fr.
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