About Me

I have been a professional photographer for over 25 years and I have shot commercial , catalog, magazine and even GASP weddings.
Now I shoot only what I want when and where I want .
I shoot fine art nudes for gallery shows , private commission sessions for glamor and nude and I also conduct one -on -one instruction for other photographers .
About three times a year I put on group seminars for outdoor lighting, studio lighting and photoshop .

Direct contact is


I have been published in books ,magazines, newspapers and many catalogs


22 Nov 19 19:23
Great Stuff...Thanks for the friendship!
09 Mar 14 21:54
Stunning port!
21 May 13 11:16
This portfolio is an excellent example of photography at it's finest!
12 Jun 11 10:07
Oryginal ideas in your port!! Good job!
28 Sep 10 17:57
26 Sep 10 18:40
Absolutely outstanding and superb works of art!!!
23 Sep 10 13:35
thank u ;)
08 Jun 10 06:25
...and for your FR!
07 Jun 10 15:16
Thank you very much for your bright comments!
07 Jun 10 14:44
Thank you very much for your TAG! Any comments on my pics will be really welcome, your opinion is highly regarded!
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