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Will be in Hawaii from the 23rd March to 30th March. Hope to meet a few of you.

Looking for models who are comfortable under water. I have started shooting underwater, and love the challenge plus the incredible images I'm creating. We have a pool at our new studio, plus blue backdrops, underwater housing and underwater flash and I'm working on another underwater stobe. Would like to do some underwater art images too.

Please reply to my casting call below if you are interested.

I'm a full-time professional photographer (AIPP accredited). I live in Port Stephens (just north of Newcastle) and own a fully equipped pro photo studio in Anna Bay.

This year I was the official photographer for Miss Surfest model competition hosted at Fanny's night club. I'm in the process of shooting the winners model portfolios... great fun.

Always on the lookout for fresh faces, and new challenges.

Something I have noticed recently: As some of you may have seen, I put out a casting call for a commecial shoot at one of the local resorts. I had many models contact me, and I gathered all the images I had been sent or images from the online models profile and showed the client. I noticed that there was something missing from most of the portfolios ......a CLOSE UP HEAD shot, professionally done, with professional studio lights and professional makeup and hair. This is the first and most important image any model needs in their portfolio!!!!! This is the image the client looks at first, this is the images that will get you the job. There are some great bikini shots, beach shots etc, but very few good head shots.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Interested in my Fine Art Photography go to http://brentmail.deviantart.com/



Recently worked with Models:
Miss Mandi Lee #839313
Brittany Humphrey #714282
Kara Murphy #727735
Jacqueline Allanson #626595
Rebecca Frith #638658
Brianna Hodgson
Allira Bull #794390
Laura Modinger
Rebecca Chin
Tanya Lazarou

Make-up Artists:
Make-up by Elle
Bonnie Gillies


28 Oct 09 09:24
Thank you for the acceptance. Nice work. :)
29 Sep 09 21:52
You have a really impressive portfolio. Not many people do underwater nudes, much less do them as well as you do. You have great talent and I wish you every success.
22 Sep 09 12:55
awesome work man, i know exactly what you do, and i loves it! pity im in Vic. would b cool to work with other underwater photographers too.
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