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I am a Surrey based professional photographer. If you are looking to start or update your portfolio with quality and varied images I undertake most of your requirements at very reasonable rates. I am an established portrait and fashion photographer.

If you need an addition for your portfolio, let me know. I work very hard on ideas. I am only doing TFP/CD with models which suit my portfolio or projects. Don't let that stop you enquiring you might be what I am looking for. If not my rates for your portfolio work are very reasonable!!

It is really good when models come to a shoot with ideas as well as conversation. It makes the session easier.

Contact me for rates.

I have a very easy going nature and pride myself with attention to detail.


[b] Taking time means quality!

I can also turn your shoot into a music video!!

Portrait Assignments Include:
Portraits at Home
Model Portfolios
Nude and Figure Work


Send me a message here and I will get back to you.




Please note that these are my Model Mayhem Credits.....

Rosie Dwyer 1613244 X3 Rosie just moves so incredibly well and is fantastic to work with.

Helen Beadle 1346952 X4 Helen is just starting out but she is wonderful to work with and has a great future.

Kayley Allen 732389 X3 Kayley with her gymnastics background brings a buzz to a shoot.

Victoria-B 1025602 Victoria is incredibly professional, a joy to work with and a great conversationalist which really helps a successful shoot.

Katy T 11311 Katy is something else to work with. Enough said.

LillyJane 729065 Lilly comes to the shoot happy, relaxed, enthusiastic nd creative. X2

Lilly Mazzoni MUA Lilly is just fantastic to work with. X4

Hol #603252
Holly is just so enthusiastic and fantastic to work with. She just has a way of posing which is so unique!! (X9)

VBE 870341 X8 Vicki So fantastic to work with. Great for Dance

Kayt Webster-Brown X2 517884 Kayt was amazing, creative, funny and a total pleasure to work with. Wonderful!!

Ella-Rose 881729 Absolutely fantastic to work with. Full of enthusiasm and striving for the best!

Sophie-Leanne Evans 740950 Tries to claim copyright to photos. Ask for reference!!!!!!

CBel 1007988 X4 Christabel is wonderful and totally professional.


BRIT007 X2 Brit is totally focussed, full of energy, bursting with ideas and so much fun to work with.


Omo San 747814 Such a dynamic lady in front of the camera!! Terrific!

Debsinead 676720 X2 Debz is a delight and her enthusiasm is second to none!


Amie Turner 1036353 Amie is fun, hard-working as well as being adaptable and creative. Big yes!

Sadie Charles X2 1025311 Sadie is ready to learn, easy to work with and has lovely ideas. Really stunning on second shoot.

Elena Livshuk 866165 Elena has a very professional attitude!

Steffie B X3 601682 Steffie is reliable, enthusiastic and a great model to work with. (Two shoots)

Jehree-JRae 881533
Full of life and energy plus some really great surprises.

Stacey Andrews 662193 (X4)
Stacey has plenty of personality in front of the camera.

Mandy Swan#512920
Mandy is an incredibly professional and a very gracious lady. A joy to work with.

Just Dannielle #495344 Studio shoot: Portraits and figure.
Dannielle is delightful, easy going, flexible, willing to improvise and very professional. Thoroughly Recommended. (X7)

Jessica Impiazzi #590196 (X5) Petworth Park, Guildford, Studio.
Jess is fantastic to work with. Attentive, hard-working and great fun.


Lee Loo La 814736 Lively, buzzing and fun!! Full of great expression!

Phoenix #539250 Bluebells, Guildford, Brighton, studio
Phoenix is lovely! She tries very hard to work on new ideas as we shoot. Wonderful to work with. X6

Teela Prince #514055 Teela is absolutely charming and works hard. Great to have in front of the camera.]

Paula Joyce 859107 Paula learns very quickly and comes over on camera so well. (x3)

Chloe Isherwood #559686 (X4)
Chloe is such a fun person she brings her own touch to the shoot.


Vera R 490857 Lovely to work with especially when she lets her hair down!!

Lei333 #375287
Leonard is really easy to work with.

Stephanie Hush #767539
X2 Stephanie was so engaging to work with as a result we got some great shots!!! X2

Taiwo Adedeji #523232
Taiwo has fantastic movement, poses and expressions. She is a very elegant and happy person.

Holly Sayer #772127
Holly is very calm very creative and great to have on a team.
Kirsten Joss #792255
Kirsten is lively, enthusiasic, funny and listens so well to directions. (Two Shoots)


Sophie Mae Lee #813586
Sophie is a gem!! She works hard and is incredibly attentive. (X7)

Yazmine-Alesia 809002
Yaz is full of enthusiasm and makes shooting very easy. She likes to have impeccable appearance. A total joy! Ask for reference.


Fleur Bonheur 1024943 Fleur is delightful to work with and very enthusiastic. (x4)

Nicola Hayes 1055944 Nicola is professional and eager to succeed.

Sinthia Darling 738920 Sinthia has a great wardrobe and is very experienced. Great to work with.

Immaculata 828413 Immaculata puts a lot of effort into her shoots and really likes to learn. (x2)


04 Feb 14 23:22
Phenomenal port!
03 Feb 14 16:22
Amazing port! Stunning work.
22 Apr 11 17:13
Thanks! Have a great weekend.
11 Mar 11 14:06
Amazing work as always!!!! Have a great weekend....
16 Feb 11 23:34
Thankyou very much for your FR, MandyXXXXXXXXXXX
15 Feb 11 03:53
Thank you for helping me!
22 Jan 11 17:10
Outstanding images, hope u have a great 2011!
29 Aug 10 08:49
Nice port, welcome to iStudio
26 Aug 10 01:47
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you're ever in need of assistance retouching your images
25 Aug 10 18:29
Love the Comments - Thank you so much ~KISS~ If you would like to see more IMPLIED NUDES and maybe a bit more check out my http://www.istudio.com/1753439 - Natalie
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