About Me

I am a 50 year old Photographer highlighting and profiling beautiful forms of the human body. It is my desire to motivate individuals with my work. Every image contains a model devoted to bettering their body and models who appreciate the admiration that goes with it. I hope to better my skills by working with models who want to provide fitness and artistic opportunities to the modeling world. Thanks for visiting my page and I appreciate your comments, your thoughts and your counsel. Your comments will be used to improve my work and provide better service to my vocation. Models are chosen based upon body condition and attitude! If you don't have a body to die for, then this is not the page for you. Please before you add a photo to a list make a comment of the pic to indicate what you like about the pic and send me a message or a make a pic comment before sending a friend request. That will at least let me know you have done more than just hit the friends request button or hit the add to list button! Please check out my website: bodz2die4.com. The Bodz Squad will be visiting serveral cities allowing models to compete for the Bodz2die4 title. Check the website for further details. All Top winners receive cash awards and second place winner receive trophies!


Model Marcus Joel
Model Heman Mel
Model Syvah Damus
Model Marwan Maurice
Model The Mario
Model Sinjyn
Model Josh Cooperman
Model Matt Schiermeier
Model ATL Superman
Model Prince da Stallion
Model Cedrick McKinney