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An image is more than just a picture, it is a snapshot of time that tells a story. I want to tell your story!

I'm having fun getting my feet wet in the world of model photography, and I hope that I am learning and growing every time I shoot. It's great getting to know the wonderful models (and people) here at MM!

Tune in, Turn on, Flash out!

Shooting Schedule:

June 28th: Shot with Chelsie #1083895 in Lexington.

July 4th: Shot with Jillian #1714470 in downtown Winston-Salem.

July 18th: Shot with Lakota Summers in downtown Charlotte - Pics to follow soon!

July 25th: Another shoot with Lakota Summers, this time with a lake, some RR tracks and some graffiti!

August 8th: Shooting the beautiful Miss Monique in downtown Charlotte, wearing the wonderful designs of Miikelle Fowler. This should be a really fun shoot!

August 28th: Shooting at Castle Carinvale in High Point as Patika Starr's personal photographer. Check her out here!

September: A series of staged, on location shoots for Patika Starr's portfolio and advertising campaign.


June 27th: Shoot for Joseph Wilhelm #1115256 in Winston-Salem Postponed

Planning Stages/Late July: A shoot with the wonderful designer Menyale Couture #1184208, again, at night, in downtown Charlotte. Postponed


Models I have worked with:

Kristyn #1669042
Jillian #1714470
Chelsie #1083895
Lakota #885856


13 Mar 11 12:58
outstanding portfolio www.zarihsretouching.com
24 Jul 10 21:20
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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