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I've had more than 40 years of shooting photos for fun and profit.* I'm a very selective shooter, but if you think there's some way we could help one another, feel free to contact me.
*First paying photo job was in 1966.

Themes I'll be shooting: Sensuality, physicality and limits to both (special talents such as extreme flexibility always appreciated).

Want a slot? Contact me here or at contactsheet@femmefete.com. Thanks.


0 "Skin Deep" A showing of a baker's dozen of prints along with 30 electronic images opened May 4 at The Butler Institute of American Art here in Youngstown. The show was held over till July 4. But all things do come to an end. This show provided an intriguing look at how the Internet, modeling sites and artistic opportunities can work together. Nearly everybody in the show is (or was) on Model Mayhem. And while these are the PG-13 images at their raciest, they do reflect the attitudes of the individuals chosen for the show. It's called skin deep because the people photographed for the show all express themselves outwardly, whether it's tats, piercings or just costumes. All of them want to present a very specific face to the world. My appreciation goes out to all who helped with the process. Here's an excerpt from an article by Dorothy Shinn of the Akron Beacon Journal on Realism at The Butler Institute: "What about incandescent studio light on tattooed skin? "That's certainly a topic rife with realism, and the subject of 'Michael McGowan: Skin Deep,' an exhibit of high-definition photographs that take an unblinking look at people who express themselves through the tattoos they wear. "This exhibit looks at what was once a tiny subculture in this country, but, through the magic of Hollywood coupled with the culture of celebrity worship, this form of ''body art'' is becoming increasingly widespread and accepted. "McGowan examines this phenomenon through his lens, including the dump truck driver who's a semi-pro wrestler by night, the redhead whose cartoon-colored tatts are blindingly bright, and the fashion model with facial piercings. "You can't get more real than that." 0 And now for some of the shots you couldn't see in the "Skin Deep" show. Vanishing Tattoo has an article by P.J. Reece about erotic tattoos — at http://vanishingtattoo.com/erotic_tattoos.htm — which quotes several photographers and artists as well as displaying their photos and artwork. Kara, Cyndie, Savage Nigh and Mandy are all featured in the images. Yes, there is nudity.


08 Nov 14 14:33
Beautiful work!
04 Jun 10 23:51
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
11 Aug 09 03:40
you do amazing work. love all the pics..
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