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Hi everyone, currently looking to get some pretty serious work into my portfolio. If you have any concepts or images you wish to create and you think my particular style (still finding it btw) match what you want to produce, drop me a line. Open to make up artist, stylist and hair stylist as well not just models.....

So lets make something happen...

Interested In:
-Adding some males to my portfolio, diversify I say.
-Feeling inspired by continually watching episodes of Miami Ink I wanna shoot anyway with some really cool tattoos eg. sleeves, backs, that larger and more intricate the piece the better. Lighting... think dark and edgy.
-Alternative\Gothic couple\ wedding shots, just something different from the usual I think.

Anyone interested in any of these projects let me know.


Thanks to Amanda Lim for introducing me to this site and allowing me to tag along to my first shoot ever.
Thanks to Ashlee, Mimi and Sarah. The models who devirginised me of my first real photographic experience. You know what they say, you always remember your first and what better way then with 3 great models. In all serious I thank you for your time and patience on what otherwise was miserable and dreary day.


11 Nov 12 21:13
a woman's touch wonder full to see... lovely work...
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