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Hi, my name is Curt. I'm a jeweler and designer by trade. Currently, photography is something I do to satisfy my need to always create. I refer to my work as fashionography. As a fashionographer I strive to have each photo tell a story through the body, eyes and soul of the model.

My photography is inspired by my natural curiosity and the endless variety of people, places, and things to photograph. When I work with models, it is most often on my own artistic projects, so is frequently TFP,

If you're passionate and excited about what you do, then contact me. I love working with people who have ideas they want to share. If you have an idea for something you want to express, contact me and let's do it. I am motivated by ideas. I love an interesting concept. I would prefer models who can do their own hair and makeup for fashion /glam pictures editorial, headshots, etc.

God made women beautiful and gave men two heads. When working I don't let the dumb one interfere with the smart one taking the pictures.

I love to photograph children and young people and women. Presently, I'm doing fine art nude / fashion glam photography, creating something good, wholesome, and beautiful.

I like to have fun, and make people happy, that's the reason why I take photographs.



Yes, That's me! I told you I like to have fun.

OMP ID # 205708

http://www.curtparker.com/Photography/p … _index.htm


Photography manager for House Of Style Model & Talent Network STL


Cover Uptown Magazine 2009 2010
Official photographer for the Uptown Girls
Cover Professional Jeweler
Cover Retail Ad World Magazine
4 page spread Retail Ad World Magazine
Martha Stewart Wedding Midwest winner 2007
1st place Black & White: Doorways
2nd place Portrait: I Wonder
3rd place Advertising: Drop Dead
SLCC Rookie of the Year 2007-2008
House Of Style Model & Talent Network Photography Manager - Saint Louis
Martha Stewart Wedding Midwest winner 2007 2008, 2009


Too many to list. For a list of names please ask and I can send them to you.


04 May 10 14:46
thank you!! and u have some awesome work Brandi
19 Apr 10 20:15
thanks your work is wonderful.
13 Jan 10 13:31
Thanks for the comment! None of those photo's are professional shoots, they're just ones that my friend and I did together. I hope all goes well for you during 2010!!! It looks like it is going to be a good year
25 Nov 09 21:11
Thank you:) And keep in touch :) Fred-E
03 Nov 09 09:30
wow thanks so much your work is cool as well
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