About Me

I'm Allen, A part time proffesional photographer always looking to improve my skills and work with new people.

I love working with new and exciting people who love what they do and are willing to invest the time to get what they want out of every shoot. I do like to have a theme/idea going into a shoot but always willing to switch things up be versatile, and always willing to include others ideas to get the finished product.

If I contact you it's because I want to work with you, I am not here to waste your time and please don't waste mine. I always pay/give images on the agreed upon time and always keep my appointments, please extend me the same courtesy.

I don't mean to sound rude, I am actually very easy to work with and love to cut up and have fun during shoots but I value my time and take my work very serious, if you want a boring shoot thats no fun then let's NOT work together.. 0

Thank you..

Allen L. Christiason




01 Jul 14 19:15
Beautiful work!
06 Oct 13 14:33
Thank You
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