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I just joined this site, and think most of my BB-codes should be working now.
But I haven't yet found an easy way to arrange all my uploads,
so for now, this will remain a complete mess ;-)
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In September 2009 I was awarded the titel "Artist of the Month"
on www.ModelInsider.com:

( click on image for hi-res and the models MM numbers )

Hi there ! - my name is Marco.


I am an internationally published and VAT-registred Photographer,
based in Copenhagen (Denmark), but regulary work all over Europe.

In 2010 I'll be visiting friends and models across the US
to add "new blood" and more location work to my portfolio.
I am also planing a UK tour, ultimo 2009 / primo 2010.

I have been shooting since the mid 70s, and working professionally in
the Danish media industry (radio/TV/magazines) since the early 80s...

My first publication - which was also my first international assignment
as a photographer - was back in 1985, shooting and reporting from the
DIFA Exhibition in Essen (Germany).

Since then, I have worked for The Voice, Uptown, Radio Hoersholm,
FilmNet (2 x live commentary from 'Miss World' in Sun City, South Africa),
Radio2, POPFM, Radio100FM, Danmarks Radio ('Go' Morgen P3'), Kanal2,
TV2/Danmark (live continuity), TV3/TV1000/Viasat (London), TV/Danmark,
Fogtdals Blade, Bonnier Publications, and too many others to list here...

I am a personal member of The Society of Danish Photography (SDF),
which is the Danish wing of
Federation Internationale De L’Art Photographique (FIAP).

My prime genres have been Pin-Up and FetishFashion,
including Burlesque, FemmeFatale and DIVA, but I'm now crossing over
to do more "classic" hi-end Glamour and Beauty.

I don't shoot weddings, pregnant women, animals or babies (!)
and prefere to work with people who have a good sense of humor ;-)

2nd Floor Studio in Copenhagen (Denmark):


( I joined iStudio Octobr 2009 )

April 2006:
Promotional postcard for "Etxea Erasmus Executive Guest Suites"
( - in Amsterdams Red Light District, The Netherlands):
[ the heels are a pair of X18s, from TLSB in London ]

May 2006:
Web-catalogue commission ( - with more than 200 items), for the
worlds biggest fetish label: DeMask in Haarlem ( The Netherlands ).
The models included:
Claudia M,
Miss Suzn (MM 14684),
Dizzy D (MM 225959) and
Saphira Spanks (MM 8591).
[Dizzy D & Miss-Suzn]

We were blessed with one of Europes best make-up artists:
LOUVA (www.louva.net), who used to be a

- and top set-dresser Siba Kladic (from: www.pressure-corsets.com)

Background story here:

Aug 2006:
In Amsterdam - again! - to do a few tests...
A GREAT day at my favorite AMS location: "Etxea Erasmus",
with among others; Dame Noire (MM 86416):

Sep 2006:
Location shooting with the well know Chicago-model
and fetish-clothing designer, vonLIVID (MM 70458):

Aug 2006:
In Dortmund, NRW (Germany)
@ DeMask Dortmunds "Royal Rubber" Fetish Party:

Sep 2006:
Issue #56 of The International Fetish Magazine
SKIN TWO, features two of my pictures (page 14 & 18).

Oct 2006:
FetishPartyFlyer + e-banner for the Danish party organisers MANIFEST:
[redhead: Miss Suzn (MM 14684) ]

Jan 2007:
My picture: "Paternostersteeg", which was also used as a promotional
postcard , is featured in "THE LONDON FETISH MAP".

You may buy it at "Coffee, Cake & Kink",
( Endel Street 61, Covent Garden, London )
or directly from:

Feb 2007:
In their issue #1 The international Fetish magazine "MARQUIS STYLE",
is featuring four pages of my DeMask work:
[models: Claudia M, Miss-Suzn MM#14684 & Dizzy D MM#225959]

Feb 2007:
I finally made it back to Amsterdam, allthough the hurricane in
Northern Germany, nearly meant we had to cancel everything!

A BIG thanks to the following MODEL MAYHEM Models:
Franpire (MM # 35526),
Viva (MM # 3695),
Dame Noire (MM # 86416),
Synthetique (MM # 218492),
Ska Beam (MM # 40966),
I Am Kip (MM #220346),
- and also to:
Bo ( - of Etxea Erasmus Executive Guest Suites )
and Siba Kladic ( - of www.Pressure-corsets.com ),
who all helped in making this trip a succes,
and a truly wonderfull experience :-)

I Am Kip (MM #220346) from our shoot:

- and a short story by "3xL":

February 2007:
I was one of several Photographers at the Trend Show at CIFF
(Copehagen International Fashion Fair), at Bella Center (CPH, DK)
and loved the adrenaline of shooting a catwalk ;-)
( - click on image for more pics... )

March 2007:
One of my TOP 12 models, SAPHIRA SPANKS (MM#8591),
is featured in a three page interview, in
"DARK SPY MAGAZINE" (issue #16),
including a pic from our DeMask shoot:
After working together with me for DeMask, Saphira now has me listed
as her number four favorite photographer ;-)
( http://saphiraspanks.net/references.htm )

April 2007:
It's good to be back in wonderfull Amsterdam again:-)
Thanks to Miss-Suzn (MM # 14684),
Dark Seduction (MM # 69383),
and newcommer Miss Lisa ( - not on MM - yet!),
for many fine hours of shooting at Etxea Erasmus :-)

SKIN TWO is again showing examples of my work for DeMask,
in their issue # 57.
The model is Claudia M. ( - not on MM !)


last year I decided to concentrate my work in Denmark.

The German Goth publication Dark Spy Magazine
featured two of my pictures in their issue # 20;
one of the Swedish "Nocturnal Model" Viva La Whore (MM# 3605)
and a full page of the Dutch model Dark Seduction (MM # 69383).
[ - not scaned in yet - please bare wit me !]

April 2008
Issue #19 of the Greenlandic Womens magazine Arnanut,
is featuring five of my pictures of Paris Nathalia (MM #509821),
including the front cover:

May 2008:

Dec 2008:
One of my favorit models, Demari Vi Syth, was recently interviewed by:


Aug 2009:
e-flyer from DeMask:
model: Claudia M [ here: aka Miss Bibendum ! ]
MUA: Louva,
set dresser: Siba Kladic.


In the summer of 2008 we began shooting on Hasselblads
new and exciting H3DII/31 mediumformat digital platform.
It's heavy, ugly (!), slow, and the files are pretty awesome.
But to be QUITE honest, I'd rather shot with LEAFs
rotable sensor !

If you - like me - fancy modern day technology,
then take a sneak-peek here, to see "The House of Tomorrow":

I will NEVER stop shooting on film ! My favorite format being 6x7,
and if handheld is not required; 6x8.



More info/pictures/links etc, on:


Link to a short behind-the-scenes HD-clip on YouTube,
from our studio in Copenhagen:


Gary Regester ( - who was one of the founders of Chimera,
and is also the "father" of the Plume Wafers) just published
some of our communication about softbox designs on his blog:


Together with Peter Geller, I have developed the SunStrip
for California Sunbounce:


Unless I have made our inital contact, then:


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