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About Me

Hi and thanks for the visit.

First up, if I visit you and leave a comment it is because I truly am impressed by one or more of your images and I would certainly love to shoot with you. So if I don't ask to be added to your friends its just because I rarely do shoot with models so I am really just appreciating your wonderful images and not wanting to clutter your friends list up. But if you really think you would like to do a shoot with me just let me know or add me as a friend. I can't promise anything but I do get about a fair bit now and then and I would rather approach a model who has shown an interested in working with me instead of bothering ones who aren't.

Now, about me.
I'm a very fair person who will put a your interests before my own in any shoot. I have taken many people into remote and even at times hazardous places and brought them back without a scratch due to my past in hazardous tourism. I won't quibble over images either, a copy of all the good ones will be available to you for personal/portfolio use.
By profession I'm a seaplane pilot, by passion a photographer and by circumstance a supervisor at the worlds largest diamond mine. That puts me in the semi-professional photographer class as the "other" job supports me.

I am not a highly experienced model photographer as nature is my main focus and so I don't shoot models often enough. Though I have been paid for my work I don't do it for money, I do it because I love it. So, that said, if you ever happen to be passing my way or I yours and you want to do something a bit out of the usual then I would love to hear from you. I can rarely justify paying for a model because I am not in that market so tfcd is my preference but it's not set in stone either.

I have many awards for my nature and landscape work so I guess I have some talent and it would be really nice to one day achieve similar results with portrait and Glamour work. Have a look at the link up top for my other folio. I can also be contacted through that site easier than this as my work firewall blocks model sites and I tend to not get much chance at home.

I can also be contacted at but don't forget to tell me who you are as I have profiles on a few sites.

Have a wonderful day 0




16 Jun 10 08:26
Thank you very much for the nice comments, my friend!
15 Jun 10 11:21
Hi, Welcome here! ...better later than never
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