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If you are on this site so you can tell people your a model or you are just looking for attention, please stop. I am tired of no show no calls on the day of shoots. If you are not treating this as a profession whether full time or part time then get off here. You are WASTING our time and giving real models a bad reputation. If you do not plan on showing up to a shoot please do not contact me, or answer a casting call from me. If you log on to check your messages once a month or even once a week, you are NOT serious. Once a day even once every other day is acceptable. And even if your not interested in someones offer, the professional thng to do is at least answer with a polite No thank you.

For those of you that have shown up no matter what, keep in contact, call, and answer all mail. You are a credit to your profession. You make this all worth it. I look forward to meeting more of you and creating some fantastic images.

Tom Miles


Some of the fantastic models we have worked with from MM
Allisa Laderer 499379
Heather Han 480575
Jillian Mauldin 602443
Katryna Smith 542488
Kara Leslie 624054
Brandon Jones 549420
Sarah Staley 518656
Felicia M 547782
Danielle Wiggins 788289
All have been a joy to meet and shoot with. I would recommend any of them anytime.


08 Sep 10 15:56
I wish I knew where it was. i would love to do an on location shoot somewhere like that.. That would be fun..
26 Aug 10 01:49
Very nice work.
31 Jul 10 15:19
Thanks for stopping in. Be well.
20 Jul 10 23:48
So far, I have only had one really egregious no-show, but I am still burning over that one. I re-set my schedule after a flat tire one evening because she was really anxious to shoot, so the next day she didn't even make an excuse.
20 Jul 10 16:25
Boy oh boy....you are sooooo right. Those "flakes" making things just terrible. Bernard
18 Jul 10 22:55
The darn prudes struck me sigh Thanks for letting me know
18 Jul 10 22:32
oh yes...I feel your pain on the no shows...what is it with these local gals anyway???
18 Jul 10 22:30
This difference between this site & Mayhem? Nobody comes here! *snicker* ;)
08 Feb 10 22:07
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