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You may know me from where I've previously lived/shot in San Francisco and LA; I'm now in Texas. I want to expand more creatively with my photography. I'm traveling less these days, but you can always attempt to sway me.

I tend to shoot:

+ fashion/beauty
+ portrait
+ editorial
+ advertising
+ pin-up
+ artistic nude
+ private work

You can also find me on:

so less models are shocked when they meet me; this is me:

+Modeling 101: HOW TO GET PAID JOBS AS A MODEL+ I'm writing this in here as a courtesy to all the models on here that seem to have the wrong impression on how to get paid work. This is the honest truth. I worked as a model for a few years professionally, and know the system. This is the legit way of getting a paid job:

Go to an agency. You should all know this. Agencies *get* you jobs. And if you think you're too short, or too curvy, ignore it. There are agencies for all types. I'm 5'1 and I was signed with an agency for 3 years, that booked me jobs. You do NOT get paid by a photographer...EVER. If you do, that is an agreement between you and them, but that is not customary at all. Photographers are providing a very expensive form of expertise to you. They're providing an extravagant service. Each shoot costs them anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It is NOT the photographers job to hire you as a client, you are their client. Remember that. If you wish to get paid jobs, but don't wish to go through an agency, then you need to do what agencies do. Look for companies who need models: Hair styling companies, boutique fashion stores, fashion designers, pay websites (huge revenue on websites), look for paid castings on sites like MM and craigslist. Take your portfolio and shop to them. Those are the people that pay you for your work! (Not photographers) This is also how photographers get paid, unless they are hired by a model (because you are the client to a photographer if you go to them). Again, this is a courtesy to help those that are starting out understand how to get paid. There are plenty of agencies online with further information. Thanks.



01 Dec 10 22:36
07 Feb 10 01:40
Lovein your look.
07 Feb 10 01:22
Glad you took my recommendation - I think you have a creative and imaginative eye... I would love to work with you sometime.... hope you get a lot of models to hire you in the Houston area... welcome
07 Feb 10 01:05
Vara, welcome to iStudio. You have a Fantastic Eye for the Latex, Rubber, Shibari and Glamour.... Love your work!!!
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