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Name's Anthony (AMP) or (AMPLAND) Moore If you like my work Get Contact me

A photographer is only as good as their subject. It is my desire to continue to build upon and expand my technical skills, perceptive skills and keen eye for 'visual beauty'. This objective can only be accomplished by having a steady stream of exposure to beautiful people in general and beautiful models in particular.



16 Oct 14 00:48
Nice port! Keep up the good work!
15 Oct 14 19:27
Lovely work!
24 Dec 12 11:27
Thanks for the TAG any help you can throw my way will love it. Not able to pay you but can give you free add space in my Magazine and Website. Also have a few models in your port LOVE to work with if you can start with them.
24 Dec 12 09:46
Love your work I live in Lancaster close to you and seeing your work make me happy I'm in this area. Will like your help to find models in this area.
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