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Transplanted (by choice) to Texas in 1999, I am a California Native, but raised in southern Oregon (Medford). We love Texas and find it a remarkable state with limitless options for creative exploration.


Always on the lookout for cool industrial locations to shoot an Urban Decay series. If you know of any interesting D/FW locations that fit this description, clue me in and I'll be forever grateful.

If you want to be my Friend, say something (hopefully nice) first. Tag me or comment on one (or more) of my carefully-crafted images before submitting a Friend Request (It's only polite) and then let's see how our "Friendship" progresses...
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I Don't Shoot Nudes

I have nothing against nudes, (insert obvious double entendre here) but I find women in clothing so much more interesting.

Much of my photography is done after dark, when the absence of daylight reveals new textures and characteristics rendering the mundane remarkable. Artificial lighting can be so wonderful under the right conditions. Don't get me wrong... Much of my work is done spontaneously in available light and this was my first love - finding the gems in our environment to capture and share with the rest of the world.

In response to several photo comments I've received, I'd like to point out in advance, the "Glamorous Apparitions" (ghosts) series are not double exposures or Photoshop manipulations. They are all single-exposure images, shown here exactly the way they were composed at the time of the shoot. These are very demanding shoots, requiring more than the usual amount of control from the model. While I was certainly aware of this and appreciated it, I had a new appreciation for the difficulty of holding a pose during a long exposure when we shot my self-portait with my car. Great work, girls!


My work is evolving into a more "urban" style these days and I enjoy the juxaposition of gorgeous women against industrial / desconsctructionist settings.


Fashion photography for me is all about The Three L's - Lines, Lighting and Legs. Leave out any of the 3 and you miss the mark. I'm a spontaneous artist, shooting when I see the moment, never without at least one camera, in mortal fear of missing that never-to-be-seen-again moment.


For several years in the 60s and 70s I earned my living as a Rock n Roll photographer in parallel with my career as a Recording Engineer up and down the West Coast. I hung up my cameras for almost 20 years before an epiphany in 2006 caused me to go back to my first love.

I am 59 years old (but still a Rock 'n Roller at heart, attending numerous concerts every year) happily married to my mate of 13 years (not interested in "meeting" anyone here) and pursue my goal of creating unique images daily.

If you're looking a model who'd like to update your portfolio with a fresh perspective -- and you're in North Texas, or you're in need of someone to capture an event or an image in a unique and dramatic way -- look me up and let's see what we can accomplish together.

Projects I'm developing:
(contact me if you'd like to participate)

Glamorous Apparitions series (see image below) are "ghosts" created in time-lapse photography
Business suit series
Schoolgirl series
Sexy Santa's Helper series.
Winter Furry coat / high heels series
Automotive series with either my SRT4, Custom Harley or any number of classic cars belonging to local collectors.
Goth / cemetery series
Rock n' Roll series with guitars (or fantasy knives / swords / firearms as an option)
Urban Decay series
Girls and Cars of Texas (coffee table book)

All are inclusive of cute / hot girls with fabulous legs. Short Skirts / Dresses are always a part of the equation, as this is the look I am composing for.


For a peek at some of my other styles / themes, visit the sites below:

www.nocturnalvisions.net -- Time-Exposure Photography

www.girlsandcarsoftexas.com -- Girls and Cars of Texas book

www.necropoliscreep.net -- Cemeteries

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Kassandra Kell
Julie McNatt MM 486099
London Levi
Nikki Morril MM 486355
Misty Christon
McKenna Tomlin
Katerina Yonce MM 674709
Jen Dixon MM 826342
Kelsey Susan MM 1028261
Deanna Blair MM 1048911
Steffy (mean_kitty) MM 668682
Amy Fox MM 1246787
Tracie Fox MM 1370941
Ashley Reese MM 1149747

Recent Projects:
Frisco Square Commercial project
Xes Whiskey concert shoot
Frisco Fire Dept Promos
LaSemaine Mag shoot of Stephane Robidas
Ozzfest, Frisco, Texas
Edgefest, Frisco, Texas
Sara Bareilles Concert, Dallas, Texas
Ted Nugent Concert, Fort Worth, Texas
Cover photographer for Frisco Image Magazine
Freelance photographer - Star Newspapers, Texas
Nastia Liukin Homecoming - Frisco, Texas
Nastia Liukin Parade - Parker, Texas
Lochrann's Pub Poster / Calendar Shoot - Frisco, Texas

PPA (Professional Photographers of America)
PSA (Photographic Society of America)
VAGF (Visual Arts Guild of Frisco)
SEP (Society of Sport & Event Photographers)
ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers)
NPPA (National Press Photographers Association)
IAAP (International Association of Architectural Photographers)
Freelance Designers
SnapToit.com (Showcased Photographer)


25 Jun 13 01:43
Beautiful and creative port I enjoyed going through it!
28 Nov 10 16:31
love your all images there is so much passion in it http://zarihsretouching.com/
18 Nov 10 15:21
Pretty impressive port my friend. Hopefully we can GTG someday.
24 Oct 10 20:47
iAM impressed! no guy with camera Bull@#$$!
01 Jul 10 11:29
Amazing work
30 Jun 10 18:03
27 Jun 10 07:51
Your port has the 2 things I love, cars and models. Great job !!!
15 Jun 10 14:57
Hi Warren, Amazing port and photos. Welcome to iStudio family!!! Great to have you here joining us. Take care and stay in touch. God bless always, xo Marianne WRS
14 Jun 10 09:13
So wonderful and creative Port!. Cheers!, Geo.
12 Jun 10 10:38
Very lovely port! Mihaela
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