About Me

Professional Freelance Photographer John de Lombardo has been operating for over 20 years and specialising in Portraiture, Fashion and Fine Art Photography.

Internationally John de Lombardo's career is well known through many web projects, and a highly successful book known as the Artflex Project based on nude flexible bodies released by German Publisher Edition Reuss.

John is always on the look-out for interesting models to work on various creative projects on TF* Basis.

At present seeking visually impaired subjects to model for creative portraits either in their underwear or nude.
Review by Lewis JPD

John de Lombardo boldly and imaginatively explores the complex and irresistible intrigue of the human body. With an unflinching eye and an uncanny instinct for the subtly spectacular he captures the innate mystery of his chosen form.

John de Lombardo’s kingdom of subjects - performers, contortionists, characters of striking and unusual appearance – display their quirks and eccentricities with unflinching abandon and are given a vibrant and original voice by John’s regal and sublime command of his expressive medium.

Through these highly emotive and erotic images one experiences truth, clarity and passion guided by a profound sensibility that has been honed over 20 years of professional image making by a creator in the prime of his expressive career.


John de Lombardo's Commercial Website http://www.3redstars.com/ Samples of his Portraits and Fashion images. Available for model folios, family portraits and other commissioned work.

John de Lombardo's Art Website http://www.artflex.com/ In late 2009,
the Artflex Website - John de Lombardo photography has been included in the PANDORA Archive of the National Library of Australia.