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Fashion Photography, Print Ad Campaigns, On Location Shoots, ....Have Passport...will Travel !!!!

Portfolio rates: My shoot team (MUA, Stylists, Photog)receives numerous requests regarding portfolio shoots and what we would charge, if you are a new model, or model trying to update her portfolio...please refer to below:

Studio Shoot (50,000 sq. foot studio in LA): $300 on up
Mansion/Estate Shoot (Beverly Hills/Miami, etc): $500 on up
Private Island/Caribbean Shoots, etc: $1000 on up
(please email us with your ideas and for details, thanks!)

Regarding our projects for models with experience:
We are looking for models to work multiple projects in order to achieve optimum success with our clients.

When contacting us, please give us your schedule for the next 2-4 weeks. Please understand we are in the industry full time, so if you are part time, please define your flexibility with us.

We are professional, please email us with full structured sentences and paragraphs. Otherwise, we may not think you are serious about the shoot project.



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11 Oct 16 11:59
Thanks for the add! Nice portfolio. It would ve great to work sometime! PM me for any inquiries. Bianca
21 Aug 16 08:52
Amazing port, great job ;)
01 Sep 14 14:33
Amazing port
04 Apr 12 14:52
Awesome work
03 Nov 11 10:49
:D Thank you for the FL !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shot And Art Work..... So beyond Amazing Beautiful ^^...
02 Aug 11 22:18
Nice U port...Perfect....someday we can work together...:)
21 Sep 10 00:40
And iStudio.com loves you too Jeffrey!!! :) xo Keep up the great work....
13 Jun 10 17:18
And Jeffrey,,,iStudio loves you too!!! ;)
03 Mar 10 22:05
Ok Cool, i'm currently in Cebu for modeling. Will be back in the United States March 18th. Send me your number and i'll try reaching you a.s.p. Thanks! Trinette
03 Mar 10 11:20
Thank you:)..
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