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Hello there!!! My name is Odett and i am from Romania,I m 30 years old. I was born in Satu Mare a small city but a city that had a great influence in my life. I m interested in doing fashion, glamour. I don`t have a lot of experience in what concerns catwalk and posing ...For me FASHION is art, FASHION is a fantasy. FASHION make us see life in clothing and attitude. FASHION make us feel cool, attractive and mostly sexy.TREND IS FASHION AND TREND HAS A SHORT WHILE STYLE IS YOU AND IT IS FOREVER AND EVER. You need to improve your style and not to copy ! Don`t be a copy when u can be the original one!!! One of my biggest passion it has been always being possing,being into with the last trends,but I've never tryed making a carrer from it or a getting a job,but I got interested on it that's why I made up the profile on this site to get in contact with many artists,and many others people:)