Northern Coast Photography - Sunset over the frozen tundra
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About Me

I'm a local lad who left the area after finishing my education to work in the big city. The pandemic and the work from home movement has allowed me to return to living in northern Michigan full-time where natural beauty abounds and the quality of life is fantastic.

I've always been a huge fan of great photographs and taking the best photos I can for decades. Having said that, even though I've returned I still have a day job in corporate America and thus I fall in the amateur photographer category as my time behind the lens is limited compared to full-time professional photographers. Still, I'm always looking to add to my experience and expand my repertoire as a photographer. In terms of genre I really started getting more serious about my photographs as I was fortunate to travel to many exotic places in the world, so landscapes and cityscapes is where I started to move from photography as a past-time to a serious hobby. Over the past number of years I've increased working with models and capturing the female form at its best. I shoot swimwear, lingerie, activewear, as well as artistic & implied nudes. If you're a model and work in those spaces please feel free to reach out. Of course, if you're interested in edgier photos feel free to drop me a note with your idea(s) and let's see about making it happen.

I am willing to travel for shots, but it is easier if you're either located in northern Michigan or visiting. I do tend to shoot outdoors in the natural light (beaches, water, rivers, forests, orchards, RR tracks, etc.) but I am set up to shoot indoors if you're looking to get in front of the lens during the winter months!

Whether you model for fun, aspire to it as a career, or have already made it a career, I wish you nothing but the best and looking forward to working with some of you along the journey!