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I'm a Professional MakeUp Artist since 1998, where I attended at Complections Internacional MakeUp School, Toronto, Ontario CAN. I've did collaborations with many diferente photographers, Television and Cinema producers. My first course was Cinema and Video Production, so I had notions about photography, lightning and MakeUp from early start. My Grandmother was a painter so I always did my portraits like makeup drawings. I love to work with creative people, to travel, change ideas, meet new people. I also worked as a Stylist for fashion photography and also do model's hair. I like challenges and diferente unique approaches ( sometimes Dramatic others more excentric), but I love to do Natural (minimal makeup)for beauty shots. I'm not in this profession to be rich or make Money but to get satisfaction through my work and passion and help producers and creative Directors or Photographers achieve their vision. I'm also very communicative, emphatic, calm and happy guy (with sense of humor),


Cinema and Video Production major Degree @ E.S.A.P

MakeUp Artist from Complections MakeUp School, Ontario,CAN @

MakeUp Artist@ RTP Television / RTP Africa/ RTP International/ TVi Television

MakeUp and hair @ Playboy Portugal