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My name is Alex Bousquet. I am director, project manager, photographer and currently i am working on several projects that i have to present the technical demo to some companies to get funds and to start complete production. I did feature films in the past for french channel, i worked too as photographer for some agencies. My objective here is to find models in order to collaborate on several projects to help me to create the content and in compensation i will give all bonus, primes i could earn on it. Of course if i got funds for my projects, a specific contract will be offer in priority to the models in collaboration.

To give you some details, i need models to collaborate on a demo of a new concept of software for computer and smartphone. It's an educative software and also a leisure software for design and art. This software will be presented to some big companies in the same time when i will present a new concept of computer i did.

Another project is a new concept of videogame using the algorythme i did for the software. I need models to create two versions. One version will be used in a kickstarter campaign. The second one will be presented to a famous production company in France who is very interested on it and maybe they will give me funds to make the complete production.

Last project is a new concept of feature film and i have a famous production company in France very interested to buy the technical demo and also to give me funds to make complete productions.

Then in compensation for models i will do pictures and video for free for their books. I will give all bonus i could get from production companies and a contract of exclusivity will be done in case i got funds to work in priority with models in collaboration.

Thank you very much for your time and your understanding

Best regards

Alex Bousquet