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About Me

About Me
If you would like me to come to your area please send me a message. Anything over an hour I do ask for travel to be paid.

Please contact me with detailed information about your project for applicable rates.

So i write a lot of poetry and have notebooks full of them and looking for someone who would be interested in checking them out possibly turning them into songs or be able to make music from them.

I'm always down to make money the sooner paid though the better .
I'm a model, photographer, singer, songwriter, dancer, and nerd

There is nothing I love more than photography , the way you freeze moments in time the sounds and emotions expressed by people when they see your work, when everything come together the right model the right make-up artist and the right photographer it's magic it's better than sex ,well maybe not better but close. I want to use being a model to bring it all together and make magic. If you'd like to work together message me

So I have a top 10 lol # one is spending time with family (theres 2 # 2's) #2 is sex & food #3 work of course # 4 is anything to do with being in the outdoors , like mudding, camping, fishing, hunting, rock hounding, playing at the river ect. #5 is junkyards it's my most favorite "playground" #6 bubblebaths #7 writing poetry #8 cuddles #9concerts, festival ect. #10 feeding the ducks and pigeons