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Welcome to this portal into The Little House of Photography. My name is Ed Giovanni I hope you enjoy your visit. I try to fill this space with as many mm models as I can and I want to thank those that I’ve had the pleasure working with. This site has always been a great place to network from. However if you would like to see a broader range of work you should visit one of my web sites. http://imaginationimages.webs.com/ or http://modelpholios.webs.com/ I’ve been a photographer for more years than I care to remember and still every shoot is different and exciting. I like to control the lighting while allowing the talent to perform in front of the camera with out constraint. I will work TFCD if the project appeals to me so don’t hesitate to ask. I am always looking to at to my series photos, reeping of the spirit, the naked gardener, and suburban miss.



Chandre 360961
Nikita Vora 498974
Tavia Spizer 3668
Chantel Latoya 121987
Kova Laflame 540384
Julianne Celaste Parker 611275
Shodire 396371
Miss Jane 496746
Thania 363248
Hayley Michaels 381792
Jenifer McCowen 127596
Allison Yap 529419
Dollface Jane 398903
Kellyslove 374920
Chantelle 178787
kandyisbadass 681407
Cody Nicole 613152
Vanessa V 1355181


25 Oct 10 08:29
Great pics!!
24 Oct 10 18:04
thank you for the comment =) thats what I was going for, I dont ever want to look trashy or .. too much.. you know lol
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