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I am in San Diego, California USA. I have a passion for nature and artistic nude photography. I am good with photoshop, but I try to use as little as possible. I would rather see natural skin texture than a porcelain doll look. I can shoot almost anywhere and enjoy each models ideas and style. I have many years experience and countless hours of training in photography and photoshop. However, I am not financially dependent on photography, so most my projects are for fun and often for the client or models use only.

I am always looking to work along side talented models, retouchers, and other photographers. If you like my portfolio and are interested in collaborating on new projects, please feel free to send me a message.

Comments, tags, and friend requests are always welcome.


27 Jun 16 02:21
Amazing photos, nice and beautiful, great work :)
08 Jun 16 11:38
Hello American Shooter, Very unique and nice work in your Portfolio. You and I are a like as I like a the image shot...the image shot. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Best wishes, Wildcat
01 Jun 16 09:41
Thank you for following me
25 Apr 16 22:03
Thanks for the photo tag
24 Apr 16 20:36
Thank you for the comment on my photo.
19 Apr 16 19:35
Thank you!
17 Apr 16 07:28
Thank you for such a nice comments. Hope we meet soon , so we could creat something beautiful. Best wishes, Nicole.
17 Apr 16 00:41
Thank you for the photo comments! Nice work!
13 Apr 16 16:20
Thanks much for the pic comment!
13 Apr 16 11:49
Nice work!!! Great locations and lighting!!! Roll On Buddy!!!!!!
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