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Hi there! My name is Will
I'm available to photo shoot during selective weekends and I only work with female Models regardless level of experience.

Nude photography using natural sunlight I create a sense of balance between light and shadow and the good and evil of our human nature.

Most frames will be processed to B&W for a more compelling feel and classic look and with minimal body or facial touch up effects. No plastic look will ever be applied. All selected pictures will be posted for comments and or put for print at my web page: http://esgrima.deviantart.com/ given the web site’s mature filter, it may not be possible for you to see the gallery in it’s entirely.


All of my castings or contracts are paid (as in: You’ll be paid). Therefore all pictures will be my property, unless arrangements were done beforehand.

Arrive at the studio or location on time, properly rested (no evident lack of sleep), hydrated (with water), and ready to be photographed (hairdo and make up already done). Any delay of 15 minutes after the hour will result in adjustment to the agreed hourly fee. A delay of 30 minutes after the hour will result in cancellation of your services with no payment or compensation of any sort to you or a third party.

As far as I’m concerned, you‘re welcome to bring Granny or the National Guard as long as they wait for you outside the studio, unless you're paying for the studio and my photography services. So, have them bring their knitting kit, DS, newspaper or crossword puzzle. Keep this in mind when contacting me


Open to Female Models that would like to pose nude, while remaining anonymous *PM me for details [/b]

-Nude yoga, ballet and gymnastics

Thank you for visiting my profile.:



29 Apr 14 00:50
Wonderful work!!
07 Apr 14 23:27
Amazing port!
18 Jun 13 15:48
I love your work. Wonderfull collection...
12 Jun 13 08:36
Magnificient work !!!
03 Jun 13 14:41
Thank you for stopping by and sweet words. LOVE your work!! Amazing portfolio! Brenda
06 May 09 19:13
I knew your name looked familiar from dA...
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