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Helloooooo Kuala Lumpur!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meyrin VS Michie
++Erotic & Sensual Nude session++

24-27 Nov 2016
One-Stop Residence & Hotel
Photo - Video

All in package++(POV - Video etc.)

Booking & More Info:


We are from Exotic Travellers agency, we are a group people that in one common passion which is the modelling industry and travelling, we are a modelling team from Indonesia, some of the models are already being professional and very experience, and some are quiet experience with few years in modelling, so since we love to travelling, in every place we step in, we always spare some of our time to seek for a paid photoshoot or videoshoot, a complete package for us, Modelling+Travelling+Paid!

For now our team is consist with almost 10 members, all are Indonesian, tanned and have exotics look.
Our member list are:

-Eva Kartini (seen as FHM Indonesian models)
-Camila Devina (is new name from Mitzy Defy)
-Sachia Andiny
-Titian Rasyania
-Arzani Yuningka
-Jessica Yuna
-Amelia Yasmin
-Anaya Shaumi
(see details on their photo**)

All models are available for any concept including nude (fyi, nude concept only available outside Indonesia).
All fee charge is include for nude concept, and makeup by themself.
All fee is based on agency rates and we're having below their rates (like a bff discount lol), you can reach them straight in person, but we promise you, you wont get that rates if you book them by yourself ;) .

So tell us your name, phone number, email, book of date and time when you contacting us.
All our member is legit, and could be verified by contacting them (in person) if you use whatsapp application.