About Me

I am Singer/ Songwriter,Choreographer,Actor,Director,playwrite and video director.So basically I am a entertainment guru...I have work at there where you can see for yourself...and I always develope and maintain an awesome relationship with people I work with...On time for shoots etc...I always keep our work on a professional level.I have done 2 major movies as an extra and is inspiring to move up to landing a major role in a hit movie when the opportunity presents itself....If you have any questions feel free to ask


I've been in 3 plays.."JURY DUTY", "THE SAMARITAN" and "RAGTIME"..,I was featured on the fame show "Street Smarts"...appeared on Jenny Jones and Jerry Springer and I was an Extra in the ALI and the Dark Knight movie.I currently directed 19 music videos and starred in 18 of them(All Local)and Rayna from the 3rd season of Flavor of Love starred in one of them