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I'm a Southern California photographer that has spent most of his career primarily handling editorial assignments. I've been doing this for a very long time. Over the years, I've shot a lot of fashion (including runway, studio and location) and lifestyle work.

I still do some of that, but increasingly, I'm concentrating on special projects. I'm using this page primarily to find models who are interested in expanding their horizons to come with striking images, including working with lace and lingerie, sheer materials and edgy fashions, as well as implied and artistic nudes. I shoot anything from very soft and sensual to sexy and playful, to artistic nudes, but always very classy.



One of my favorite places to shoot is at the beach, but I'll shoot in just about any type of interesting/unusual/dramatic location.

Here are a few types of shots that I'm looking for:

* BEACH-SURF - On the beach/in the water shoots, with outfits ranging from long flowing dresses or tights and tank tops, to string bikinis and lingerie, to artistic nudes. I use some very dramatic beach locations for shooting.

* IN and UNDER WATER - Shooting in pools, lakes, rivers, hot tubs, ornate bath tubs, interesting/outdoor showers, etc. (I have access to a heated pool out in the low desert, but I am looking for models with access to heated pools in other areas of Southern California for very dramatic underwater images. I'm also looking for outdoor showers, interesting bathtubs and classy spas.) Interested in shooting anything from models in Victorian type dresses to playful water activities, to sensual bubble baths.

* URBAN - Strong emphasis on the gritty urban environment, with murals, graffiti and edgy fashion. I have some great locations that I use through out the city, but I'm always looking for more.

* DESERT and FOREST - Artistic nudes in striking natural locations throughout the Southwest.)

* CREATIVE BODY ART - Body painting, tattoos, tribal markings, henna designs and dramatic make up... particularly looking for models with interesting, sensual, unusual or elaborate designs.

* HEAVY EQUIPMENT - Shooting in truck yards, construction sites, junk yards, with military gear, and abandoned industrial facilities/factories.

I'm going for strong portfolio shots and artistic print images. These types of shoots usually take a certain amount of planning and preparation, and frequently benefit from a quick test shoot or a preshoot meeting.


WORKING WITH MODELS... [A MODEL RELEASE with Photo ID is required on all shoots.]

Models have to be 18 years of age or older, verified by a photo ID.

I'm generally pretty good at coming up with models on a trade basis when I need them for my fashion shoots. But I will hire models for some shoots.

If we shoot, feel free to bring a friend, maybe someone to help with hair and makeup, but no boyfriends without making prior arrangements (which generally involves all of us meeting before hand... I've had too may shoots go south because of jealous or impatient boyfriends), and never any groups of friends (even though they always say they're going to be doing their own thing, they always wind up being major distractions).

Some of my projects involve make-up artists and stylists, others don't. I'm always interested in establishing working relationships with up and coming MUA, hair stylists and fashion coordinators.



I'm looking to work with models who consider shooting a priority. If it isn't, the chances of a shoot falling through are just too high.

I never reschedule shoots with models that are no-shows, and last minute cancellations totally waste my time.

If you've been a no-show or cancelled more than three shoots for any reasons in the last six months, it's probably not a good idea to set up anything. The potential for the shoot to fall through is just too high.

So please don't reply unless you're sure you're going to be able to make it, once a shoot has been scheduled. (It's all too common for models to indicate they're interested, and then just fade away, ask to reschedule at the last minute, cancel out even after they've confirmed that they're going to be there, or don't show up at all, which is extremely rude.)



If we're going to be doing a trade shoot, I usually provide a CD with 25 to 30 images on it, including at least 12 optimized images per hour of shooting, within two weeks. (I don't provide images on paid shoots, unless arrangements have been made before hand.)

If we start working together on a regular basis, I can also provide portfolio prints and promotional materials, such as composites and calendars, as needed.



If you want to work together or like my work, just send me a message, tag or picture comment before the Friends Request. I'll do the same.



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