About Me

Hi! this is Dipty Gharat I am a model & an upcoming actress from Mumbai India.

I have made show-reels of my work,2vcd's, 1work vcd with all my ads/Tv serial videos & another acting based vcd with 10 different dialogues/monologues so that u can see me enact to different scenes in english & hindi. I can also email clips of my video/work wherever required along with lots of my pics. u can see some of my videos on www.youtube.com by typing Dipty Gharat in videos section.

i would love to do tv commercials, music videos(as the solo female lead model/actress), feature films(as the lead actress), hair product campaigns coz i have very long thick black hair, print/hoarding campaigns, catalogues/brochures, magazine covers, fashion modelling, etc.


30 May 15 20:11
Great work! Keep it up.
14 May 15 15:39
Nice work!
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