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FILMMAKER-DIRECTOR - I USE THIS SITE PRIMERILY TO INTERACT WITH OTHERS WHO HAVE AN INTERST IN GETTING INTO ACTING, NO MATTER THEIR EXPERIENCE LEVEL! To create innovative and interesting film work based on character and story, both sensual and intriguing and unique! From horror to romance, to family drama and action, always desiring to give something that has not been seen before!

I make films using actors with limited experience and who are interested in achieving something extraordinarily different, sometimes films are erotic, to horror to light action and naively romantic, fantasy sequences that encourages all to explore the possiblity of human ability - Goal is to make a person to shine!!! I am always interested in people who are willing to dabble in adventure, exploring other sides of themselves and demonstrating the ease to put themselves into situations that would allow themselves to shine in various aspects of life, even if they are an ordinary housewife, or action adventure hero/heroine, or alien from outer space, the true human soul is visible through any and all guises!




06 Jan 10 20:49
Excellent potential and beauty!!! Welcome...
03 Jan 10 21:44
Hi Gayvon, Thanks for the friend req/add. Excellent port and photos. Belated Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. May your 2010 be the best, much blessings and success in life. Welcome to iStudio family!!! Have a wonderful day, Marianne- WRS
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