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Tags are nice but Photo Comments are BETTER! Please tell me how you feel about my work. I need to know if I’m on the right track. Please critique my work. I only have been shooting for a year and a half. Every thing I ve done thus far has been self taught. I would love to hear what people have to say, I m respective to positive and negative criticism.

I some what new to photography; I've been shooting for a year and half now. I have a lot to learn. With every shoot I will get better and learn something new. If you think that my vision may be a good add to you port free feel to contact me.

If your a model that set dates and don't keep them please by pass me.

I also Retouch Photos. This is one of my Before and After photo.


Cicely # 505749
Imari # 581692
Jennifer F # 251769
Kayon # 138873
Tanhaye #432201
Celeste Brown # 599348
Asia Mason # 486174
Treshaun Monae# 674784
Don't Fit In Stand Out# 367782
DUNIQU3 # 543036
jessica21483 # 836806
NaTania # 1202170
and ME

Tanisha-Faye # 553900


20 Dec 09 09:54
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