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funny Story Cut short,I am a Chef by profession.Don't get me wrong I love cooking but somewhere along the line I asked myself,which grass is greener with the love of creating that I had I turned in to my childhood dream of becoming a director,and along my training I bought my first camera.4 years down the road,I think I sorf of mixed all the things I know.I shoot short films with 1 to be filmed this year,I take photos (of food and people) and I also cook.
Still Chef by profession but I do the rest on my freetime,sometimes get paid.Sometimes get promissed to be paid and don't get paid but most of the times have fun doing what I love doing.Isn't that living is all about?

I mostly try to be involved in Food Photography(stuff that I cook I rather like to take photos of)
But,in the other hand I like writing stories( and if ir weren't so hard and expensive to promote and film and profit from them I would film them) and I also take photos related to those stories. 2 of them were published on the August issue of Megazine Lost and Found " " with titles Pheonix and ,Homeward Bound.You could check em out and check the Photo's aswell,


02 Nov 14 19:29
Cool port. Keep up the good work!
02 Nov 14 15:00
Excellent work!
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