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About Me

My name is Thierry, I'm a professional French photographer based in Paris (but can travel anywhere in this planet - see on bottom* ;)).
If you need me for something urgent (i work well under pressure, no worry): my cell is +336 28 77 23 51 and email

Despite my young age (24), I'm quite experimented, and I'm seeking for fun and professionals collaborators: mainly models and MUAs of course, but also fashion designers, painters, actors, musicians, etc.

Nota Bene: Shooting with models is something I love and do quite well - I hope -, but I'm not per say a "model photographer". I will never specialize in anything else than awesomeness (that sounds a bit arrogant, but I mean the only thing I want to photography is awesome things, be is products, landscapes, or models). It's both a strength and a weakness you have to accept if you want to work with me.

My universe is called "Emotion Photography" (check my website and I think you will understand), so if you want to model for me, you need a bite of acting skills ;). The basis of my work is here, but now I need to do a lot more shoots.
I'm open to any proposition, but I'm also very picky with the person I work with...
The shoots I want to do include (but not limited to) emotive portraits, fashion shots, happy (with smile) or funny glamour shots (tongue out :P), classy warm nudes, unusual pictures, abstract work, commercial pictures, on-stage pictures of artists.
My only limit: nothing vulgar.
If you have babies, kids or animals, it's also subjects I love to work with - but sadly they are not going to have a profile on MM - so I need your help ;)

For beginners looking to enrich their portfolio, I make it quite cheap (from 100€), but I also give free portfolio to a chosen model about once a month, in the way of a contest, to give opportunity to beginners who lack the money to pay for a port, so they can have wonderful pictures anyway, and hopefully start a great career :)
You can also contact me if you have some original ideas, or an original look, it may very well interest me :)

I also accept TFCD or TFP from experimented models and MUA. I think TF is quite the fairest way to work with people that have same level as you.
Keep in mind that I do all the Photo edition myself, and it's really time consuming: about 1h or 2 for a fully edited picture (if I don't have to make heavy photo manipulation like changing background etc.)... so for a 2 hour photoshot, I work at least 40 more :P
I do TF* only with awesome and friendly people ;)
For any TF work, we will put the conditions in case of publication prior shoot: credits and how much everyone will get in %.

I pay models only if they are highly experimented professionals. Or professional models I'm desperate to work with and that don't accept TF ;)
If you don't work for free, there is no reason why I would do so... so I don't give printable pictures for paid jobs, and I'm the only owner of the picture. But I'll give of course web-sized proof to show the work we've done together :)
I'm also a Photoshop and a Web-designer Expert, so if I'm short of money and you need a website, I can create your website instead of paying with cash ;) Also if you need some pictures to be enhanced, I can help you, but the quality of pictures need to be ok, I don't want to work on mediocre pictures. I don't do photo edition alone... too time consuming, I already have a lot of my past pictures to edit.

As you can see in my pictures, I try to keep them as natural-looking as possible - while doing a lot of photo editing to enhance the look of them.

If you want to enter in my universe, be welcome :)

My team (we are 2) website:
My photo gallerie:

NB: *I'm based on Paris, but I can travel all over the world!... if a model or a project really interest me :)
Or if I want to visit the place ^_^
I can cover the travel costs, as long as you can offer me a place to stay (a sofa, a room, an hotel room, whatever... as long as I don't have to share the bed with someone - I wouldn't like it and my girlfriend even less ;)

Take care!

PS: je parles Français ;)



25 May 10 16:15
Welcome to IStudio. Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching for your photos.
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