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About Me

Hi iStudio family. Just stumbled upon this website and I'm very excited to meet interesting people to bounce ideas off of as well as getting some work.

I'm laid back but passionate about the art I love to do. I'm open to anything! I really wanna get my feet wet with everything.

A little bit more about me... (not like that's not what this is "about")... I'm an illustrator at heart. I love to draw, it's my greatest passion. I'm currently working on a board game series, which has been a blast to be apart of. I'm a child at heart and will always be that way.
I got into photography in college and found I have some skill in that area, when I thought I wouldn't.
I mainly like to be behind the scenes but more and more I've been wanting to step out in front of the camera and take a chance. I would love to also do so modeling work if people think I have what they need.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!!! >_<