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I have been shooting images professionally for over 30 years. Nearly all of my images during the recent decade come from a experimental meandering with infrared and ultraviolet sensitive digitally modified cameras in addition to film cameras using standard B&W and Infrared films. My first two digital cameras were modified by myself to capture the unseen light spectrums. Note that none of my posted images have been processed through PHOTOSHOP. I will be adding more images as time permits.

I am looking for nude models to share as collaborators in my creative endeavors who see the unusual beauty of what I create. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

For more of my seemingly 'altered' color palette images, see my other site:

Imagination is more important than perfection.



2016: "The Naked and the Lens (second edition)" Lou Benjamin / Focal Press - 8 images

Numerous published photos in Village Voice (NY), San Fransisco Weekly, Naturally Magazine, Clothed with the Sun, etc.

Solo and group shows in Soho NY, Hoboken NJ and Summit NJ


18 Jul 15 13:04
Thanks for your fr! Be great to work sometime :) Bianca
11 Jul 15 10:56
Gorgeous work my friend! Between the female form and symbolism, your work really shines. I'm a fan!
26 Jun 15 02:37
Love your work! Unique, beautiful and elegant!
27 Sep 14 15:21
Thanks for viewing my photos. You are very talented and I wish you luck in your future! :)
06 Sep 14 00:55
Absolutely stunning work!
15 Mar 14 06:46
You have an awesome portfolio. Your work is incredibly interesting. Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing more.
29 Jan 14 00:30
Gorgeous port!
19 Jan 14 05:30
Thank you for the photo comment. I hope our paths cross in the future. Kind regards Xx
17 Jan 14 20:45
Thanks for the tag! You have a great port too :)
08 Jan 14 10:43
Thank you for the comment. Your work it's very nice and creative.
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