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Hi, my name is krista, I am 18, a current UC Davis undergraduate. I am looking to continue building a strong portfolio and working with amazing photographers, MUA's, hairstylist and other models. I have a very curvy, athletic body type, I am in the process of dieting so that I can be more along "agency standards," so I can do this professionally. I am open to ideas and concepts so please feel free to shoot me a message. I can change my hair color/style for any shoots and I have no piercings or tattoos. I have done modeling for hair salons, for contest submissions and for photographer portfolios, and magazines as well as acted in commercials and feature short films. If you would like to contact me you can reach me at Krista.californiamodel@gmail.com
or facebook, facebook is actually the best bet, I check it often!


* Spokesmodel for Khosi Clothing
*Model for Bella Vu Botique
*2013 Verizon Commercial Benefits Concert- *Extra actor on set, park of front stage crowd
* 2013 Miss Finknagle 'short film' -movie shoot, background extra
* Desert Rose Photography
* Sophia Lorraine Photography
* Vim Trivium Photography
* Hair by Jade- Hair modeling
*Actor and Singer at the Ramona Bowl 2009-2011
* Alure Salon- Hair modeling
* Photoshoot with Jamey Sharpe
* Photoshoot with Steve Arebalo
* Identity Crisis Studio
http://whatsyourcrime.com/2013/01/21/da … to-shoots/


12 Jul 13 00:23
Thanks for The friendship. Loved ur beautiful port , Wish we could collaborate together soon later
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