About Me

I am a twenty two year old female that loves the field of modeling. I feel modeling is not just a career but it is a art. It is the way many poeple express their personalities. I have always loved the different designers and Icons of the modeling world. I am here to fullfill my dream of being a model. I love to act and exspress myself and push myself beyond measure through the acting world. So I believe the most simple way to put it is I love the best of both worlds, but if it really came down to it I would have to say modeling because I loved taking pictures since I was a little girl and it would be a dream to be the worlds best model in the making.


23 Jul 15 19:59
Love your port!
22 Mar 13 11:38
Welcome to iStudio I enjoyed looking through your portfolio. I look froward in seeing you in front of my Camera lens one day in the near future. Good luck in your Modeling endeavors.
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