About Me

Hi I'm Lindsay from Manila Philippines I dreamed to be taller as 5'7 - 6 footer and become famous model in the Philippines and to other countries. I'm looking for projects. Send me a message :)


22 Oct 14 14:59
Are you available for a model test/portfolio photosession in your area? You fit magazine, print, youtube ad, workshop assignments/projects I'm doing..reply for details Jon
24 Jul 14 20:28
Having an amateur profile is all good to get started, the pros recognise this and sometimes give a break to those who are serious.. good luck with it!
02 Feb 14 11:53
To apply send your email in here and we will send you a link to apply, then you can do an interview for more details and then we will be there within the next few weeks to meet you and start working with you
23 Jan 14 00:26
Nice port! Best of luck to you :)
10 Apr 13 03:21
Hi Lindsay and welcome to Model Mayhem. A lovely, lovely portfolio. A lovely, lovely face.
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