About Me

Hi, thanks for checking out my portfolio.

I do paid assignment and TFP/TFCD. My rates are flexible and negotiable. Since I'm also building my portfolio, I would love to do TFP/TFCD with photographers who are creative and have unique fresh ideas.

I might bring escort with me, but if you prefer not, you can let me know upfront.

I have a right arm sleeve (tattoo) and nipple piercing.

Feel free to contact me here


01 Dec 14 23:59
Beautiful port Nadia :)
13 Feb 14 19:59
Beautiful port! Best of luck :)
31 Jan 13 14:44
Thanks for the add!) All the best to your too!) Ruslan.
30 Jan 13 22:03
Nadia, welcome to iStudio... You're a beautiful woman/model and I only wish we were closer, because I would enjoy working with you.... Great success to you.
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