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[What is Her11? Her11 is my core multiple denim branded business focused for tall women and their shorter friends, in which I collaborate with other designers world wide to bring a full wardrobe, represented by all the Her11 Model/Ambassadors globally. Message directly for details about how to become a Her11 Model/Ambassador. (Models of all heights can apply due to the fact we are allowing our Tall Clients to shop with their shorter friends, so various height models with reflect that.)]

I'm an Alien, I'm a legal Alien, I'm an Englishman in New York…Raleigh...Los Angeles…San Francisco and London!
I'm also a denim designer, in case you couldn't tell by my posts.

|Who is Roy Lee James?|

Roy Lee James is a British fashion illustration artist/designer, who dedicated his creative visions towards his beautiful wife Amy, who at 6 foot 5 inches tall, could never find any garments to fit her correctly. Roy Lee James started a research project for all fashion markets, from which he has created multiple denim based fashion projects, inviting many designers to collaborate with him, thus forming a consortium of designers who can create an eclectic range of garments to combine with Roy Lee James many jean denim brands.


You are welcome to be part of the growing projects Roy Lee James is working on. The pdf's on the (Model/Ambassador role) and (Project brief) have now been pasted on the front of this profile, directly below. If interested, you are welcome to read and then message for more details.

This is a fashion
education/training/brand development consortium for profit, all the projects will be cored from it. The projects are named first and then become brands after each concept is market tested and strengthened.

“An Ambassador is the highest ranking diplomat who represents a nation and is usually accredited to a foreign sovereign or government, or to an international organization.
Sometimes countries also appoint highly respected individuals as Ambassador at large who are assigned specific responsibilities, and they work to advise and assist their governments in a given area. The word is also often used more liberally for persons who are known, without national appointment, to represent certain professions, activities and fields of endeavor.”

The above Ambassador definition is why I used the title of ‘Ambassador,’ for the position rather than ‘model’ or ‘rep.’ Roy Lee James will be more than a single business, with a single brand recognition and will require multiple ‘Ambassadors’ to represent (world wide) it’s many elements. Although I am not using the term ’model’ or ‘rep’ for the role, each ‘Ambassador’ will incorporate both terms within the position. Modeling roles will come to play in The Roy Lee James Project photo shoots and events. Rep roles will be the everyday interaction with potential clients in the Ambassadors selected area. The rep role will not include salesman style methods but more of a presence, explained in the Ambassador Rep role below.

Ambassador Rep role:
The multiple Ambassadors will each have their own look, style attitude, which will reflect the areas they live in. This in turn creates diversity in all women’s fashion markets from one solid source (The Roy Lee James Project.) Let’s say in theory an Ambassador who lives in NYC, is walking down 5th avenue, she will reflect the current looks of the area mixed with an eclectic mixture of independent designers from other locations, showing other women in NYC (who see her,) that although she is considerably current in style that she herself is wearing current well made Roy Lee James garments without being somewhat cloned. The Ambassador herself will be a living representation of Roy Lee James core values. In some cases other women will ask where the Ambassador gets her clothing; while others may not ask, but still wonder, either way The Roy Lee James Project would have made a presence. This same scenario can be accounted for Ambassadors based in any village, town, city world wide. The Roy Lee James Project can then be present around the globe without the business itself actually being based there.

Becoming world wide, yet remaining familiar and local to each area is very important in business today, what with super chains taking over, people seem more and more like clones everyday. That is especially true for the tall women’s fashion market having limited choices. Once again, The Roy Lee James Project, while being a source of classic, current and innovative garments for the taller woman, will have something each client can relate to, but with differences to suit them all. All sales made from the Ambassador’s presence/contact with new/potential Roy Lee James Project clients, will be commissioned upon a prior written agreement between The Roy Lee James Project and the Ambassador.

Ambassador Model role:
While the Ambassador’s natural rep role is part of The Roy Lee James Projects everyday presence. The Modeling side of this role is geared more towards events (fashion shows etc) world wide, fittings of garments, photo shoots of selected garments and The Roy Lee James Project multiple images. As with the rep role, all modeling roles will be paid upon a prior written agreement between The Roy Lee James Project and the Ambassador. The paid amount will also vary according to the event size, photo shoot length and location. Image rights will be owned by The Roy Lee James Project and the Ambassador, this gives both parties control over where the selected image is shown, The Roy Lee James Project website, magazines, posters etc.

As with every member of The Roy Lee James Project, each person will have their own valued roles. The Ambassadors of The Roy Lee James Project, will play a most valuable role and will truly represent everything that The Roy Lee James Project stands for: Classic, current and innovative garments from a consortium of independent designers for every woman/man world wide.


|Intro Brief to ‘Roy Lee James Project’ |

“Setting up any kind of business will have it’s fair share of hurdles, ups, downs, moments in which you wish you had never even thought about starting it and of course the moments in which a clear vision enters your mind, enabling you to see the potential of your efforts. Start a fashion business and you will encounter all the above, every day!
As in all types of business there has to be a structure, a core so to speak, in which the business has back bone and vision. Throughout the structure you need people to work in various positions, while at the same time maintaining unity and respect for all involved.
With T-G-Z (more of a test run, than a business at the time) I made one (almost fatal) error. I was T-G-Z, from the design, to PR, marketing, sales, web designer, graphics and customer service. No longer could I just work on designs. In common terms, “I spread myself out thin.’ T-G-Z was and still is a great idea/solution to taller women’s/men’s jeans, but without a solid structure of people within it, I just kept on hitting the same hurdles.” -Roy Lee James

The Roy Lee James Project is a new design, development and retail/wholesale consortium of every brand/designer within its walls; as with fashion groups such as Jones group inc ‘Roy Lee James’ will create many brands to cater to the various tastes and price points; one brand after all could never cater to all, we will also create a wide range of vertical sizes for all types of tall men and tall women within each of the brands, all made within the U.S.A.

Using a unique method for reaching varied demographics, The Roy Lee James Project will work with face to face marketing via Roy Lee James Project Ambassador/Model reps, located around the United States and eventually world wide.

Independent fashion designers face an onslaught of problems in the early stages, so much so, that there are no actual later stages, designers either work for a large corporation or simply find another career option. The Roy Lee James Project, enables designers to collaborate together with full backing from The Roy Lee James Project Education/training head quarters in the garment district of NYC. The Roy Lee James Project is the vision of Roy Lee James and his partners who along with his team has formed the early stages of a united independent fashion designer collaboration; in the heart of NYC, enabling an eclectic arrangement of designs, made in the U.S.A. sold directly from the base through each Ambassador/Model rep domestically and international to individual groups of people. This symbolizes the true heart of independent fashion, but with the strength and backing of a solid business.



"Your height is wonderful no matter how tall or how short, but isn't what defines you; express your true self through our eclectic ranges and let us ensure the ranges reflect your personality while fitting your height." Roy Lee James

"I fly the denim flag, this flag embraces all races of people, from the young to the old, shortest to the tallest, no matter who you are, we are all equal in my denim world, while at the same time, all different." Roy Lee James

"To all of the clients and Model/Ambassadors who give life to my visions. Embrace your height, tall, sort and inbetween, but most importantly embrace who you are, remember no one is as good at being you, as yourself." Roy Lee James



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