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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:90 lbs
Measurements:32-22-31 in
Shoe Size:5.5
Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Length:Very Long
Eye Color:Blue
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:Tanned
Experience:Some Experience
Join:6 Nov 2007

About Me

I am currently looking for new photographers to shoot with. Feel free to email me if your interested. I travel to Vegas frequently and am happy to shoot there.
Visit my site modelinglondon dot com
I stay up late & sleep in, I love posing for the camera, I am at home on the beach, I am stunning, I love to shop, I enjoy a drink after a long day, I sing every chance i get, I am forgetful, Rain smells good, I hate crowds but can't be alone, I love surprises, I am messy, Dad taught me to fix cars, Palm trees make me enthusiastic, I hate rules, I scrapbook when i am excited, Sleep when i am down, I want to be friendlier, I love tiffany jewelry, When i say I'm done I'm done, I hurt when my friends hurt, I sometimes swear, Chain saws scare me, I enjoy cooking big meals, I love snuggling but cant be touched when i sleep, I accept others faults, I love the yankees, I am trying to be honest, I adore my dogs, I love helping others, I am crazy about my pajamas but enjoy getting dressed up, I am classy, I love my family, Snakes give me the willies, My color is pink, I can have anything if i want it bad enough, Mom taught me to love, I get motion sickness, I am bound and determined to think for myself, I am not afraid of heights, I want everyone to like me, I love laying out, I forgive easily, I can be selfish, I love decorating my house,Waterfalls relax me, I love modeling, I can't walk in heels but wear them anyways, I love airplanes and traveling I hate long skirts I am trying to figure out who i am, I am a excellent dancer, I love not having to have a job, I want to learn to surf, I couldn't live without my iPhone, I am terrified to fail, I miss cheerleading & ballet, I love christmas trees, Full moons are exhilarating,