About Me

For now, i prefer paid shoot unless i think u really can benefit my port. I am extremely picky to choose a model for TFCD work.

More about my works at : www.bangtruong.com


12 Jul 10 02:32
Beautiful Pics!
26 Dec 09 06:00
Belated Merry Christmas to you my friend and your whole family. Good health and God bless!!! xo Marianne- WRS
24 Oct 09 16:32
You're everywhere too friend. Keep in touch!
16 Sep 09 03:27
Im in your portfolio weird huh lol
27 Aug 09 01:49
Thanks for the nice compliments! Your port kicks ass as well! If you ever want to work in Asia, maybe we can team up with a project ...
01 Jun 09 08:35
I love your first first row of photos and your last row of photos are my favorite!Thanks for asking..I am doing really good! How about yourself? XOXO Bentley
17 May 09 01:37
Hello my friend. Always great to hear from you. Love your outstanding work as always. xoxo Marianne- WRS
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