About Me

Art has always been one of Wyatt passions, and the artist has been drawing and doodling since childhood. After experimenting with various media, Wyatt finds ease and comfort in using graphite pencil due to both its accessibility and versatility. The artist's work is largely influenced by minimalism, for his passion for painting his western skies painting...according to Wyatt "less is more." Once the excess has been eliminated, all that is left are those elements that have extraordinary significance , painting auto paint,and air brush also ..... the most value. This is what Wyatt artwork aims to depict and showing the world his art...

THE SINGER Wyatt is a self-taught singer, with influences arising from folk, country, pop, rock, alternative, and soul music. The singer grew up listening to a variety of genres, which helped in giving a full-bodied appreciation for music. Although primarily a contralto singer, Wyatt boasts a wide vocal range, as well as many different "characters" within the singer's voice. A warm, raspy quality lends itself to Wyatt unique tone, one in which the singer enjoys experimenting with. In addition to singing, Wyatt is also a lyricist and songwriter & poems..


I have always wanted to paint as a young child,and now loveing every painting that i have done,i went to art school here in calgary,alberta. got a fine art degree I have showen my art here in calgary, and have sold a lot of them too..my art is my life and liveing it all the way and up date my paintings that i show at different companys..my paintings go from..$250.00 to $5.000 i also paint murals, on hot rod cars , and trucks , and semis, and buses too....