About Me

I am an artist photographer last 20 years, if you like my portfoglio feel free to contact me.
Rafael Bofilios Art Photography


25 Aug 16 19:38
Thanks for the FR and the photo comment, Love your work
24 Dec 14 17:08
Thanks again for the recognition of one of my photos--much appreciated.
22 Oct 14 12:59
Nice port! Keep up the good work.
03 Oct 14 09:15
You have a great port
20 Feb 14 16:04
Outstanding port!
01 Feb 14 17:13
Thank you for the photo tag, and thanks for visiting my port. I sure would like to shoot in your neighborhood someday; I envy you those wonderful locations you're photographing in.
18 Jan 14 14:04
Thanks for your comment. Great port! Best of luck to you :)
12 Jan 13 08:20
Great port. Beautiful models.
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