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Thanks for checking out Dime Modeling Magazine! We are a digital publication focused on the advancement of the upcoming and also the established Urban Model. We're based in the Atlanta area, and are looking for serious models that are looking for a shot at becoming published. You can of course reach us on the site, or on Twitter -




Thanks Everyone, & remember to always keep it tasteful!


21 Apr 14 00:40
Nice port!
14 May 13 16:59
Wow beautiful port, love your work
20 Nov 12 22:20
I love your port...beautiful work!!
15 Nov 12 20:33
So do you no of any Adult models that also do filming?
06 Nov 12 02:39
Thanks so much for the friend request! I would love to be published in your magazine! You have a beautiful website as well. Let me know if you are still looking for models to be featured! :) Shayla
04 Nov 12 18:39
Thanks for the Friend Request... I would like to know more about you Publication... Thanks
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