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Hello my name is Donger aka Ja-mes aka the paparazzi in Toledo, Ohio. I'm a natural-born US citizen since birth. What's poppin'?

I own "The World's Most Photogenic" photography business. Started back in 2002 but lost all the pics from 2002-2003.

Photography is my huge hobby since I got into a traumatic brain injury and I couldn't remember people's names and faces years ago so I decided to take lotsa pics so I can remember people's faces and names better when I'd go out and party in Toledo, Ohio USA and then my photography skills got better and better until everybody started to like my photos and invite me to their parties and events to take their photos and videos for them.

I'm the one that DJ A-Dubb of Monroe, Michigan USA's former "Tower 98.3 FM", now works for "My 98.3FM" would call me as the paparazzi while he's using his mic out in the club on-air live in Tower 98.3 FM from 2007-2010.

I've done weddings, personal portfolio, parties, bars, clubs, college events, fraternity and sorority events, birthdays, college football/basketball, college cheerleading, professional modelling photo shoots and more.

I use a Canon Rebel XOS 8MP (its broken now but I'll have it replaced when I fly back to the US) and a Sony Cybershot 10MP and I use a Sony Handicam with a 16GB Internal Hard Drive and Cybershot for my videos.

I'm looking for models willing to travel to the US with me for lotsa photo shoots every where. I can get you a working VISA since I got a natural-born US citizenship and I got lotsa awesome friends that I wanna go visit in the US.

TF only since I can't afford to pay any money in the Philippines right now but I'll help with your publicity and promotions on Facebook! Paid assignments will only be paid if we have a sponsors to pay for our time and effort.


"The World's Most Photogenic"
-Photographer, owner, marketing, sales, management, finance, editor

Myspace Page with my older pics and videos

Send me a private message for my Facebook page.

YouTube videos

Affordable Spring break and summer trips (ya need to apply for a VISA on your own if ya ain't a citizen of the US or if its in a foreign territory) Book VIP so you could get lotsa neat free stuff, 21+ hours of free drinks and you could cut in line to get inside the clubs. Book by Dec. 15th because prices go up after that date. Group discounts are available also. If you're not sure where ya wanna go visit at, you can put in your deposit of $50 for US trips and $100 for international trips.
Promo code: Donger

Monroe, Michigan's DJ A-Dubb's (Tower 98.3FM, My New 98.3FM) paparazzi

Canon Rebel XOS 15mm-55mm, 55mm-250mm
Sony Handicam 120GB
Sony Cybershot 10MP

La Modela Arminie


09 Nov 14 06:08
Good portfolio, and thanks for the FR. Cheers!
24 Sep 14 10:13
hi thanks for the FR .. great port right there .. keep it up and looking forward working with you soon ! :) - jec
16 Apr 14 17:43
Thanks for the FR!
22 Oct 13 02:50
You're welcome Sir! I'll be waiting for our shoot schedule. Just drop me a message. :)
21 Oct 13 18:10
Thanks for the tag! ;)
16 Oct 13 09:50
Thank you for adding me. Nice portfolio. Good luck with your photography!
25 Sep 13 04:22
thankz for the FR :) GodBless:)
10 Sep 13 06:34
Thank you! Have a great week x
03 Jul 13 20:13
thanks for the FR looking forward to work w/ u in the future ~nexi xx
01 Feb 13 12:04
Thank you too! Ruslan.
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